Friday, June 5, 2015

to survival (a weird kind of poem or something)

in the field, to survive a trauma a person must learn an imperative technique;

to be incredibly still,
to hold yourself very tightly,
and to concentrate a great deal.

to be still:
you need to be still to keep the pain at a tolerable amount. the more you move, the more the wound breaks open or risk infection. to be still will not attract anyone or thing to you while you are vulnerable and weak.

to hold yourself very tightly:
wrap your arms around your legs. lay in the fetal position. put your arms around your head. hold whatever part of your body feels as if it might fly away were it not held down. it will help stop the bleeding and keep the pain at a tolerable amount. open wounds need pressure, to help the blood clot and to stop from bleeding out.

to concentrate a great deal:
be honest with your brain about what is happening. tell yourself the facts over and over lest your mind runaway with itself. be rational to your un-rational overwrought animal self. tell yourself that even though this happened, things are ok and you will again stand tall. maybe even a little stronger. maybe with an ounce more wisdom.

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