Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Shine on, O Moon of Summer"

Good ol' Carl Sandburg.

I want time to screech to a halt, because I love summer, and if I'm not careful it will slip through my fingers while I squander it away in the air conditioning and on the internet.

Here are some pictures from the last month that just hold that June essence:

Our beautiful town mascot. So regal. So hungry. 


Blue Steel 

We have made friends with most of the town cats, which we realize, is obnoxious. This one we call "River" because she lives in a blue house right across from the river. She's friendly. 

We came home one evening and this dude was trucking across the yard. He looks evil! He was heading into the street so Ted picked him up..."Sheldon" laid one paw/claw on Ted's arm and he freaked out and DROPPED HIM. He landed on his back! I had Ted pick him up and put him in the shade, on his belly, haha. This is not our first found turtle. 

Another townie cat, which we call "Tigerlily" or "Tigerbilly" because we don't know if it's a boy or girl cat. I tend to think all cats are girls. 

Hi-ho, river! In the evenings we like to go down and just sit or walk around. It's very peaceful, unless the geese are honking. 

I was staring into this pond and thinking, when two large toads jumped in and scared me. I love nature but clearly and very jumpy in it. Hah, jumpy. 

mmmm. June. I love living in the country. 

And the river ducklings. I watched their gang and their mama head down the bank and into the river and it was the cutest thing in the world. 

And below the aforementioned geese, whom I refer to as "the Gossie's". 

"Shine on, O moon.
Shake out more and more silver changes."

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