Thursday, December 17, 2015

Decembering and Such

Right now imagine me being in a white room and looking far away. Then imagine me walking towards you and getting closer closer and eventually knocking on the screen of your computer as if to say "hello? anyone there? I haven't been to this space in awhile!"

I like to think of these posts as conversations between me and different versions of myself. Like if I were to read this a year or two or twelve from now I would be like OH YEAH I forgot about that mindset/idea/joke what have you.

Anyways, on to December-ing:

I love listening to Christmas Carols. Like, it's not Christmas for me without meditating on words from old carols. It's the same year round with hymns. I love the language and how they can just truly help you worship and reflect. I was always the kid looking into the meaning of songs and wanting to know the words. WORDS are so important ! Even if you are down or blue or not feeling Christmas just really listening to the words can bring you such hope and joy.

Here are some of my favorite lines I've been thinking about this year:

"In all our trials born to be our friend"-O Holy Night.   Isn't that cool? He literally came here to help us and to carry our burdens and give us the gift of communion together.

"Joy, Joy! Jesus Christ was born for this! He has opened heaven's door and man is blessed forever more....Peace! Peace! Now ye need not fear the grave, Jesus Christ was born to save!"-Good Christian Men Rejoice. I mean seriously...He came so we could have life! So we didn't have to live by the law anymore, but by grace!

There are so many more, but for now those are some lines that have really beens sticking with me this season.

We went to a Christmas Tree Farm this year, even though we have not one, but TWO fake trees (!!!) we just wanted to roam around and feel warm and fuzzy ect. It was fun! There was hot chocolate, there was FUNNEL cake, there was randimals (aka random animals). There was a teen Mary and Joseph who had a miniature horse posing as donkey who was ACTING OUT majorly. (he didn't like posing). He was brought back to the barn, haha. There were grumpy dads yelling at their kids and wives saying things like "awwww, but it wouldn't be CHRISTMAS if we didn't __________", and teens on their phones, haha. It was rife for people watching.

Here's a few pictures:

 This goat really liked Ted! 
 This one is just plain cute. 
 The rambunctious Lil Sebastian