Monday, August 31, 2015

to be brave

Today I planned to post about our trip last week. But, something else is weighing on my mind and I really want to say a few words about it. Preaching at myself if you will-- and I'll just go ahead and let you all read it too. YOU'RE SO #BLESSED. Hehe. 

The other day I read an honest post by a blogger who said she was really struggling with perfectionism. (THANK YOU SOMEONE FOR ADMITTING TO THIS OPENLY). Perfectionism as in, perfectionism about her weight and looks and overall IMAGE. Some thoughts came to me when reading it that has been brewing in my head for years and maybe I've touched on it already a time or two, but here goes:

LADIES--we have so much more to offer the world than JUST OUR LOOKS. Yes, I love to be at a lower weight and let the compliments roll in, have people tell me how great I look.  But then I become a slave even more to what others think about me. Honestly, that has just not been the case the last several years. I'm working on it. But I'm working on being ok at NOT being the "best". Be brave and let people love you for more than what size you wear or if you're the prettiest in the group. Or if you have the most amazing clothes or "image" that others want to replicate. Be brave and let the good things God gifted you with shine through. If someone rejects you because you don't meet a certain standard, then they are NOT a person you want to be spending your time with. Better yet, they are someone who is NOT WORTHY rather than the opposite. 

I think it's pretty funny that we live in a world that is always yelling "be you! be different! stand out! you're one in a million!" Seriously the world/media whatever you want to call it you're HILARIOUS if you think I think you really think that.  You are showing with your actions something totally different. "Be different! But fit into this exactly mold. Or else. You will be ostracized". 

This applies to so many more scenarios than simply weight. I know that I can get down on myself in a group where I know I'm not "the best".  The smartest, the prettiest, the most successful, met the most goals, and so on. The youngest looking, the most hip, the most "in the know".  I guess for me the term "the best" doesn't even exactly describe it...more like when you feel like you're not even on the boards. I've never really wanted to be "the best" but at least in the running, haha. AN INTEGRAL PLAYER. At the very least a decent threat. As if that makes it any better! I need to be brave and know that what I am is enough. 

I do believe you can totally try and be your best. Are you working on being your best self? Not in an annoying Oprah-y way. But like, yes it's ok to work on yourself! It's good! But this BONDAGE thing is the problem. This BONDAGE to worrying and obsessing over your external appearance. I am so guilty of this. Of being in bondage to always worrying over my appearance! Worrying if others are judging me. Judging myself. The bondage is a SIN plain and simple. What are we telling our students, daughters, nieces, friends, and so on?! It's the message that you are not worthwhile if you don't look a certain way. And that is the OPPOSITE of what the Bible says. We all know this verse but I think it should be written on all our mirrors and our hearts:

"But the Lord said unto Samuel, look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him; for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart". 1 Samuel 16:7.


I really like this concept that Jessi Connolly (instagram: @myfreedombell) talks about in regards to this very specific thing. She has a separate (from her main account@jessaconnolly) instagram account to talk and write about her journey forward in health. Her "about me" says "One gal walking forward in health. Ringing my own bell of freedom from bondage over body insecurity in Christ".  I LOVE THAT. Working towards health so you can be RELEASED from the BONDAGE of worrying over your appearance!  Another chunk of wisdom: "Being healthy helps me live for Him in the most uncomplicated and abundant way". She even has the courage to post FULL BODY PHOTOS! IN WORKOUT GEAR! Doing WORK OUT STUFF!  I don't know if I will ever be there lol. 

We all have things to offer personality wise and looks wise. Work with what you have!!! Some people are blessed with long legs--(Taylor Swift). Some are blessed with beautiful eyes. Some have gorgeous hair. Others have tiny waists. Some have slender fingers. Some have flawless skin. Some have beautiful curves. Not everyone can have all the things! And if they do good for them but they are few and far between and probably AREN'T AS FUNNY OR DEEP AS YOU ARE.  (Lol) Don't hide yourself under a bushel basket (that's sunday school speak!) just because you aren't perfect to behold. 

BE BRAVE and let God work through you in ways that only He can, using an imperfect vessel to show others His love and His desire for them to know Him.