Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One Summer Turns into Ten Summers

This is crazy, but a few weeks ago was the TEN YEAR anniversary of us being us. How can you put concrete stamps like time on something that is part of you? You really can't remember what life was life before, and it seems that this was always  a thing even before it ever was. Maybe that's how people feel about their children. There never really was a before, just a space on the loop where you are not together physically. 

I know everyone's relationships are different, but I know that I love mine--and not in a romantic and gaga way (because honestly, that is not my way) but in MY WAY-- we just fit.  These pictures are such a good reminder of where we have been and where we are going and despite tough situations we have had an abundance of joy.  I hope this gives you a glimmer of what it's like to be us. Me riding shotgun as we go on a new adventure. Us exploring our city and others. Ted being an expert navigator while I come up with ideas of stuff to do. Trying new things. Laughing. Concerts, plays, weddings, gatherings, celebrations, sitting on the couch, cats, tennis, movies, church, friends and it DOESN'T STOP and I don't want it to stop! One of the many things I love about Ted is that he will get into something I'm interested in so we can also have that in common. Music, tv, books, blogs---watching Pretty Little Liars "ironically" ( he LOVES it). I really do appreciate that about him! He even turned into a CAT PERSON. This is a big deal people! This photo dump is for me and my memories, but I hope you enjoy it also:) 

Our college had this pretend awards ceremony/grammys type thing at the end of the year and we both dressed up as...John McEnroe. He is one of our favorites, tennis-wise AND comedy wise. I don't know, people would dress up!!!! It was kind of like Christian Halloween??? 

Being all formal in 2006. 

Maybe 2009 Christmas? (it's hard to remember!!!) We really we enjoying finding those santa hats obvs. 

Threatening to throw me in that pond. 

 At a friends wedding, 2010 I think. 

 Charleston, May 2011. This was the trip where the ocean punished Ted for peeing in it by taking those glasses and also giving him a wave slap rash that did NOT go away for a year! The ocean will have her revenge...

Magellan, circa 2010. 

 River rats, 2011. 

 That time Ted wore MY JEANS to work and didn't notice!!!! (I am five feet tall and he is over 6 feet...) I think he liked them LOL. 

The short hair era. 

Our first wedding anniversary, 2008. 

Visiting Fallingwater for the first time in 2012, right before the Johnson wedding!

 Savannah, June 2012. 


6th wedding anniversary. 

Dressing up like Doctor Who for halloween. 

Shotgun for life. 
Riding the rails of some kind, as Ted likes to do. 

 Tennis, anyone?

He got tickets to a Buckeye's game--and didn't angle to take anyone else but me. 
 Bean selfie. 

 Our town. 

 Happy Valentimes 2015. 

We did it! We "graduated" from WTC! June 2014. 

 July 4th 2014. 

 7th wedding anniversary. 

 Where will life take us next?! Not sure, but we are SOOOOO ready for the next chapter. As Ted said a few weeks ago, "Whatever it is I'm ready for it. 10 years is long enough". 


  1. Love this! Happy ten years of you! You guys are a great fit. I can totally relate to riding shotgun everywhere. Wouldn't have it any other way. Enjoy the next part of your story!

  2. AHHHH!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

    ps- where are the pictures of Ted singing "SUGAR" by FallOut Boy circa 2006?!?!?!

  3. Oh man, this cracked me up. I have so many things to say. But two things: I love how adventurous you guys are. You always seem to be having the best time, regardless of what you're doing :). Also, how how HOW did Ted wear your pants to work and not notice?! Is it anything like the time Michael Scott wore a ladies' suit to work??