Thursday, September 17, 2015

Old Westbury Gardens and Phipps Mansion

Like I've said before, we had many opportunities during our time at the Women's Therapy Center to go do fun things, and we were very thankful not only for the opportunity to GO in the first place but to make the two weeks a fun time we will NEVER forget.  My post today is about our time at the Old Westbury Gardens and Phipps Mansion. Aka, the place at the end of HITCH where Albert and Allegra got married, and they did that amazing dance off.  Because that's the kind of history that is important! J/k. The roaring 20's are also very important.

The north shore of Long Island, (more specifically the towns of North Hempstead, Oyster Bay, and Huntington,) is noteworthy for it's affluent homes of some family names you might recognize- Vanderbilt, Roosevelt, J.P. Morgan, Woolworth, ect. Seriously, go to gold coast mansions and CHECK IT OUT. Think Gatsby and Downton Abbey, Old Sport. Bring your cameras and your walking shoes!

We had such a good time tooling around the gardens and touring the house. I seriously love gardens, especially ones I'm not in charge of maintaining! And the house was just lovely as you an tell by bucket-tons of photos I took.  We spent about half a day here, you could definitely spend more or less depending on your interest in gardens and houses. Just walking the gardens was so soothing!!!! Good luck getting this to all download on your screen....

Of course, I had even more pictures...but I know that was quite enough. We hope to go back one day and visit some of the other mansions--especially a few that are right on the water so I can pretend to be Daisy Buchanan! Next time on the New York memorabilia tour is "That Time I Met Zach Braff".