Monday, January 26, 2015

The Worth in the Wait

Well, if that didn't sound like an episode title of Bones!

These days it seems as though all the waiting is going to kill me.  Waiting for the next step, waiting, waiting, waiting...

The later half of 2014 was spent taking a mental vacation. Giving myself a break, you know the drill. I wrote about it a lot.

But now? It seems that life has a way of evening itself out after a great swell. And the adrenaline in me just screams "I WANT THINGS TO KEEP CHANGING AND I WANT IT TO BE DONE NOW!!!" But it's life. There's work to be done, mundane house chores, lesson plans, cars breaking down, money to be made and spent paying bills, healthy food to be cooked, 6 am alarms...yawn.

Looking at Instagram it seems everyone has these glamorous jobs that allow for jetting off to Europe or somewhere tropical every quarter. Flexibility in schedules, talking to other adults (instead of preschoolers all day), having fun lunches out. Does this drive anyone else into a rage filled madness? No? Just me? Maybe I should follow different people. Or just delete the dang thing, just like Facebook.

Because seriously, I'm so happy to have what I have in life. I'm not wishing it away.

But I want this waiting time to accomplish something besides driving me insane. (It's already done that!!! I mean, I'm pretty much Grey Gardens-ing myself over here!!!!!)  So, my goal is to find- and- or-force some worth in this wait.

One way is, I'm going to try to write everyday OR as much as I can. I's time to stop wishing to "be a writer" and just start writing. HELLO, MCFLY! Have you ever met an aspiring golfer who never golfed but just hoped to one day win at a golf parade? (Could NOT think of any golf titles off the top...) I would love to post some random fiction on here, as well as just continue to post on the regular for my own benefit. I have so much I can/want to write about, most of which is boring and hackneyed but if you never start you will never finish! (See? I'm already showing off my amazing display of cliched truisms, of which I have many! Aren't you excited to read posts that are akin to the sayings on Dove Chocolates but like, 500 words instead?! YOU LOVE IT!)

Signing off, for now.  I hope your Monday is filled with reading as many Downton Abbey recaps as mine was!

PS. Sarah Bunting is THE WORST! Poor Tom.

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  1. YES! Fill "the wait" with writing, and suddenly the wait becomes the journey. I'm sorta feeling this way too. I'm caught in the midst of real life where I've got all these dreams and goals that seem like they're on hold, a lot of them about photography. But I'm trying to remind myself there is beauty in the now, to use the real life stuff to hone my craft so when the somedays get here, I know what I'm doing and what I really want. I look forward to your journey. :)